Kim Kardashian Has Possible Lupus Scare

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By Kwin Paul

Kim Kardashian West has had her fair share of medical scares over the years and it seems like she might be having another one.

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During the season premiere of Season 17 of the popular Reality TV Show, ” Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the 38 year old revealed that she tested positive for Lupus antibodies, after suffering from joint pain.

β€œI feel this in my bones. I probably have lupus,” the KKW Beauty creator said while she was at the doctors office.

Kim was sitting with younger sister, Kylie Jenner when she received a call from the doctor’s office. Dr. Daniels explained,

“As far as your results. Your antibodies tested positive for lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.’

‘You’d have, in addition to swollen joints, you’d have fevers, rashes, mouth sores, be really tired.’

But sometimes you can get false positives in these screenings.’

πŸ“Έ Kim Kardashian West Instagram

This particular scare is troubling for Kim because she has four young children and is currently studying to become a lawyer.

‘I’m freaking out, I have a baby on the way and law school. You have to think about how much this is going to affect your life.’

πŸ“Έ Kim Kardashian West Instagram

We hope that everything works out for you ‘KimmyCakes.’