Sarah Palin’s Husband Files For Divorce

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By Kwin Paul

After 31 years of marriage, Todd Palin, has filed for divorce from former Vice Presidential candidate and former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin.

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According to sources, Todd filed at the Anchorage Superior Court, citing an “incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.”

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The couple has been married since 1988 and share five children together. In the documents, Todd asked for joint legal custody of their 11 year old son Trig. The divorce has no legal effect on their four adult children,
Track 30, Bristol
28, Willow 25 and Piper, 18.

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Less than one year ago, the couple sat with DailyMailTv for an exclusive interview where they discussed challenges that faced their 30 year marriage.

The family, who was thrust into the spotlight when Palin was chosen to run as John McCain’s VP candidate, faced struggles such as Bristol’s teenage pregnancy, Track’s battle with substance abuse and Trig’s Down syndrome.

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It looks like the problems have proven to be too much for the couple. According to the documents, Todd has requested that the divorce proceedings be as confidential as possible.