Amber Rose Ready To Give Birth

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By Basia Powell

Reality Star and Instagram model Amber Rose looks beautiful, even at 9 months pregnant. In an Instagram post yesterday, Rose shared a video of herself in her closet, and let’s say she is ready to ‘pop’.

πŸ“· Amber Rose Instagram

She says proudly,

” So as of today, I am nine months pregnant y’all. It’s not a game! That’s a big boy in there…sheesh.”

Rose who is currently pregnant with her second son, who she is having with Alexander Edwards, the Vice President for the Artists and Repertoire at Def Jam Records. She has a son Sebastian Thomas from her first marriage to rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Their marriage ended and Amber seems to have found love again with Edwards. She often gushes about her love for him and how good he is to her.

πŸ“· Amber Rose Instagram

Amber has not posted too many photos of her pregnancy. She does admit in this post, to being on bed rest and having swollen ankles. So we understand why she maybe keeping a low profile.

She said,

“PS I am literally out of breath just standing up.”

Amber seems very happy with her new man. Based on her previous posts she has revealed that she was very hesitant to trust and love again, given her bad experiences in previous relationships.

Now she has found love again with a man that appears to love her the way she wants to be loved. Good luck Amber. We wish you a safe delivery! And we can’t wait for your snapback queenπŸ’—.

πŸ“· Amber Rose Instagram