Blac Chyna Is An Independent Lady

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By Basia Powell

Say what you want to say about Reality Star Blac Chyna, but don’t say she is relying on her “baby daddies” to take care of her children. While she chose famous men to father her children, she does not enforce child support.

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Things were rocky between Rob Kardashian and his daughter, Dream’s mother, Blac Chyna for a few years. However, according to recent reports, those days are over. Things are peaceful now, and Rob is not required to pay Chyna child support, but he exceeds those responsibilities by being a good dad.

Chyna also has her first child, King Cairo Stevenson, whom she had with rapper Tyga. She does not enforce child support with Tyga either. Essentially, she gives them the space to be the fathers they want to be.

Chyna got her start as a stripper and later started dating rapper, Tyga, whose career was “popping” at that time. She then started hanging with Kim Kardashian. Then Tyga started dating Kim’s little sister , billionaire lip kit creator, Kylie Jenner. Then things got rocky for a few years with Chyna and all the Kardashians. Many people believed that she started dating Rob Kardashian and later had a child with him, as pay back for Kylie dating her son’s father, Tyga.

It turns out that they may have been wrong , because she did say on the Wendy Williams purple couch that Rob Kardashian was a better lover than Tyga! To be very honest, no matter what you have to say about Chyna, you must admit that she takes care of her business .

📷 Blac Chyna Instagram

She is also a professional makeup artist. She owns Lashed Bar, acquired a number of endorsement deals and also scored her own TV series, called Rob and Chyna. She currently has her own TV series on Zeus called, ‘The Real Blac Chyna ‘. In other words, she is a self made woman, and very proud of it.

These days, she can be seen hanging with Talk Show host and business woman,Wendy Williams. Blac Chyna has made a name for herself and acquired her own ‘coins’. Good for her. And it seems like she is getting along just fine with her baby daddies.