Viola Davis Lands Her First Beauty Contract

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By Kwin Paul

You know the saying that goes, “Better late than never,” well that’s the case for Viola Davis as she lands her very first beauty contract with iconic beauty brand L’oreal.

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The 54 year old Oscar winner was listed as the newest spokesperson and ambassador for the beauty brand. Upon revealing her new role, Davis spoke candidly on developing thick skin throughout the early years of her career, which helped to build up her self-belief and self-worth.

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The mother of one who plays Annalise Keating in legal drama, ‘How To Get Away With Murder,’ discussed having low self esteem for her entire life but is hopeful that she can inspire young women who look different than the conventional beauty standards.

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I suffered from low self-esteem all my life, and it still does surface, albeit less frequently,’ Viola also revealed.

‘The Help,’ actor says she is humbled to represent the brand at her age because,

When you reach a certain age, the playing field is leveled in terms of looks and what you’re left with is your self-worth and how you impact others. I want people to realize that this is the only thing that stands the test of time.’

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“Youthfulness is beauty in its most obvious sense, there’s classical beauty, but with age and experience comes confidence – and there is nothing more beautiful to radiate than that,’ she noted.

Viola also mentioned how she dealt with achieving success very late in her career.

The fact that I didn’t see immediate success in my career in the traditional sense forced me to develop a thick skin, and to rally my sense of self-worth time and time to keep auditioning, getting on stage and honing my craft.”

Even after her late rise to stardom, Davis’ brilliance as an actor has made her the first black actor to win a triple crown, an Academy award, an Emmy award and a Tony award.

Her role with the beauty giant puts her alongside an esteemed roster of diverse spokespersons such as Celine Dion, 51, Helen Mirren, 74, Eva Longoria, 44, Elle Fanning, 21 and
Aja Naomi King, 34.