Wendy Williams Wants To Get Married Again

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By Kwin Paul

“…I’m a wife, I’m not a girlfriend. And I will get married again...”

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Wendy Williams recently visited the Dr. Oz show and was quite candid, as has become the usual, when it came to speaking about her love life, post filing for divorce.

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The 55 year old revealed that while speaking to her mom, she opened up about the possibility of remarrying. This time around though, the queen of hot topics has a different set of ideas about how the marriage should function. She is also very clear about the type of man she wants.

I said, ‘Mommy, I’m a wife, I’m not a girlfriend. And I will get married again. And I will have a prenuptial agreement.’ And by the way, Mehmet,” she added, referencing Dr. Oz Mehmet, “we will not be living in the same house. Oh no, no, marriage under new circumstance, that’s it. That freedom of turning that key, or electing, ‘Alright, let’s stay at your place tonight, let’s stay at my place tonight.’”

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The talk show host continued, I need a man with a full career and his own money and his own situation. I don’t want anything from you except for your love and respect. And don’t ask anything of me.”

Wendy has been very open about her relationship struggles with estranged husband, Kevin Hunter since filing for divorce earlier this year.

Kevin allegedly fathered a babygirl with his long time mistress, an action Williams saw as unforgivable, leading to her filing for divorce. She said that there were things she knew for years but kept it together for their only son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

Since filing, Wendy has moved out of thair family home, listing it for sale but then removing it. She has also been hanging with many celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Blac Chyna, the Kardashians, and even kissed Meek Mill…on the cheek.

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According to Wendy, she has been dating “many men,” keeping her interests in men between the ages of 48 and 65.