Lori Harvey Harvey Pregnant For Diddy?

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By Basia Powell

We have been seeing a lot of evidence that suggest to us that Lori Harvey and Diddy are a couple. They have not officially admitted that they are an item. However, the writing is pretty much on the wall with several sitings of the couple on vacation together, most recently in Mexico.📷 Instagram
It was after that trip, that the rumor
mill started going, about Lori being pregnant. After that romantic getaway, a photo was released with Diddy rubbing Lori’s tummy. Lori who is 22 years of age, is actually 27 years younger than Diddy. This makes her 3 years younger than Diddy’s oldest child, Justin,  whom she allegedly dated before she moved on to his dad. We do not know how serious Justin and Lori were. However, we are doing the math and if Lori really is pregnant, then this baby could actually be Diddy’s grandchild.📷 Instagram
What we do know is, things appear to be heating up between the mogul and father of six, Diddy and Steve Harvey’s step daughter, Lori Harvey. Diddy is currently in Atlanta for his Revolt Summit. Lori is also in the ‘ATL’ visiting with friends. If she is definitely pregnant, only time will tell, because that is not something that can be hidden for long.📷 Instagram
The relationship between Diddy and LorI seems very strange to many of his fans, not only because of their huge age difference but also due to the fact the Diddy has had a very public grieving process after the death of his ex girlfriend and mother of 4 of his children, Kim Porter,  who died suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2018. Lori was also friendly with Kim Porter.

📷 Instagram
This has been a tough period for Diddy and he seems to be trying to put the pieces back together.  Just recently he posted a picture of the deceased , declaring his love for her. Many of the people who knew deceased Kim Porter aand Diddy together,  would tell you that she was his soulmate. 📷 Instagram
Her death also coincided with his breakup with longtime girlfriend Cassie Ventura, who has since moved on with, and is pregnant  for, personal trainer, Alex Fine, who Diddy hired to train her.

If Lori is really pregnant for Diddy, time will tell. He appears to be a good dad, so she does not have to be worried. However , he has been reluctant in the past to “put a ring on it”. We are not sure he can love another woman the way he loved Kim Porter. She was the one that got away, and he admitted it on social media. Either way we are glad to see Diddy attempt to find happiness after losing Kim Porter.📷 Instagram