Meghan Markle Is Back To Work

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By Basia Powell

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is back to work. The Duchess who was on maternity leave after giving birth to Master Archie in May 2019, kicked off her first day on the job by launching the new Smart Works Capsule Collection, charity fashion range, she codesigned with designer Misha Nonoo.

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You may recall , we reported on Meghan being present at this photo shoot last month, when she surprised some of the women. Today, she released more behind the scenes photographs from that shoot. Smart Works is a charity organization that offers clothing and interview coaching sessions to unemployed women. The fashion collection which will also be available online, will donate part of its proceeds to Smart Works.

Meghan Markle is deeply committed to whatever charity she lends her name to . This is evident from her charitable involvement prior to her marriage to Prince Harry.

📷 Sussex Royal Instagram

She said in her address today,

“Since moving to the UK, it has been deeply important to me to meet with communities and organisations on the ground doing meaningful work and to try to do whatever I can to help them amplify their impact.

It was just last September that we launched the Together cookbook with the women of the Hubb Kitchen in Grenfell. Now, one year later, I am excited to celebrate the launch of another initiative of women supporting women, and communities working together for the greater good.

When you buy any item in the Smart Set capsule collection for Smart Works, the same item will be given to a Smart Works client, and with it, the confidence and support she needs to enter the workforce and take an important step in building a career.

Thank you to the four brands who came together in supporting Smart Works on this special project – placing purpose over profit and community over competition.”

Since her marriage to Prince Harry, the British tabloids have levied severe criticism on the Duchess. She can’t seem to get it right with them. They find fault with whatever she does. From the onset of her marriage to Harry, she became heavily involved in charitable projects to the dismay of several British ssocialites who felt that her approach was not “royal”. They felt that she needed to understand that “royals do not work.” However, the same critics had an issue with Meghan and Harry travelling via private jets, as royals do not take private jets either, “they fly commercial”. Make up your mind!

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It seems like whatever this hard working Duchess does, she never wins. She is frowned upon for being a hard working woman who knows what she wants and became a millionaire, prior to meeting and marrying her Prince. The royals did not make Meghan into a millionaire, she was already one by the time she met Harry. She has been accused of being a social climber. Aren’t we all social climbers? If you were not born in a particular social circle , you would have done some amount of social climbing to get there. At least she worked hard while climbing. She did not sleep her way up to the top.

To the contrary, Kate Middleton did not have a career or the net worth that Meghan had, when she met William. Kate, who by the way was a “commoner” before she married William (And absolutely nothing is wrong with that). But somehow we never hear anything negative about Kate in the British tabloids. Nor should we, as she is a lovely woman. We have nothing against Kate.

My point is, the British media needs to understand that “we see them” and we will not allow them to destroy Meghan Markle, as they did with Princess Diana. Press on Duchess Meghan, ‘we got ya’. And if you need to escape just ‘holla ‘ and we will send a private jet for you Archie and Harry to escape to America.

Congrats on today’s launch and welcome back to work!