Terrance Howard Done With Acting After Empire

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By Kwin Paul

Terrence Howard has given us some superb acting over the years as he played various roles on screen. Apparently, Terrence has had enough of being an actor, and is ready to hang up the glove.

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In an interview with Extra’s correspondent, Cheslie Kryst, Howard dropped the bomb. He was asked about his acting career after the hit show Empire ends and he responded,

“I’m done acting. I’m done pretending.”

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Howard continued by saying,

“I’m just focused on bringing the truth to the world.”

Some of the star’s fans are shocked and disappointed by his announcement as many think he’s too much of an excellent actor to end his career so soon.

Some fans think he should at least give us one last “Best Man” because it’s his turn to get married in the movie. Others are insinuating that he’s about to make a return to his religion as a Jehovah Witness since the religion has been referred to as ‘the truth.’

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As you’ll know, Empire is coming to an end after this, the sixth season. We are unsure if the end is because the show has run it’s natural course or because of all the negative attention brought to the show by Howard’s co-star Jussie Smollett.

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What we do know is if Howard sticks to his decision, we will all miss his acting. Over the span of his career, he has given us hit shows such as The Best Man, Hustle & Flow, The Butler and more.