Rihanna Pregant?!

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By Basia Powell

It seems like Rihanna is having a mega week. She just gave birth to a new Lingerie Collection with her 2019 Fenty x Salvage line at NYFW , but it seems like Badgirl RiRi is about to give birth to a baby. (Allegedly)

In an interview she literally said it,

β€œI’m going to give birth to a black woman”

Some fans believe that the singer and fashion mogul was speaking about her lineage. Whether this is true or not, a baby bump is definitely evident on RiRi. Of late she has put on a couple pounds and it looks good on her. Do you remember her Cropover Carnival costume ? That was a dead give away for me. Nobody covers up their body like that at Carnival unless you have something to hide.

She is also having the time of her life, and in what seems to be in a loving relationship with her ‘billionaire beau’ . She has been very tight lipped about this one, and she is right to do that. However, when this video was released of her singing and her bump is visible, Twitter went berserk!

Some fans having responded by saying that they are mad, and I am not sure why. Why you mad? Rihanna is an adult and a mega star who can afford to raise an orphanage. As she says, she was raised by a black woman, and she will raise a black woman. She was raised by a single mother in Barbados. She is a Caribbean woman, which means “she can handle her business” . Congrats RiRi we can’t wait for the official announcement . As Tiffany Haddish would say,

“She ready” πŸ’ƒ