Joe Biden Says He Will Beat Trump Like A Drum!

Biden says he is not going anywhere and moments ago Trump publicly asked China for information on the Bidens!

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By Basia Powell

If you can’t wait to see what an election campaign would look like between Trump and Biden . Wait no more, because it seems like the election campaign has already begun between Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump. As far as Biden is concerned, ‘he will beat Trump like a drum’.

POTUS on the other hand is already drumming up the noise around Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. He is calling them ‘crooked’ and is using his personal Attorney Rudy Guliani to make his media rounds and execute a smear campaign in the Democratic frontrunner.

Biden’s latest rebuttal is ,

“We’re going to do more than just beat Trump, we will beat him like a drum. “

Joe Biden went on to say on Twitter that POTUS is spending ‘more than 10 million in ads against him’. As a political scientist, I would caution 45 on spending so much on Biden this early in the race, afterall, we have not had a primary yet and Elizabeth Warren has made significant traction in the polls. So maybe he is betting on the wrong horse.

Either way Biden is telling Trump,

“LIKE EVERY BULLY IN HISTORY , HE IS AFRAID… I am not going anywhere. YOU NOT GOING TO DESTROY ME, YOU NOT GOING TO DESTROY MY FAMILY. I don’t care how much money you spend Mr President. “

This was his message to the President last night at his rally.

Either way, both men are engaged in an intense political battle, with an impeachment inquiry looming and Biden’s dealings with Ukraine being brought into question. If I were Elizabeth Warren right now, I would be eating popcorn .

As for the President of The United States, moments ago he publicly invited China to also investigate the Bidens and reiterated that he asked Ukraine the same information. Trump is relentless in his pursuit of getting assistance from foreign leaders in providing ‘dirt’ on his rivals.

The truth is, Ukraine being at the center of the impeachment inquiry is not good for either Trump nor Biden. At this point, the only candidates it benefits are Senator Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Kamala Harris.

In the meantime I am about to check the President’s Twitter for another meltdown , and as Lizzo says,

” Imma hit you back in a minute. “

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