Lamar Odom Says Goodbye To DWTS!

What a night it was for NBA Champion Lamar Odom, as he did his best to improve his scores on DWTS. Ultimately it was not enough and he said goodbye to the dancefloor tonight.

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By Basia Powell

I know it seems like the new season of Dancing With The Stars just began, but for NBA Champion, Lamar Odom it has been a long journey. Despite his best efforts, Odom has consistently scored at the bottom. He has had amazing luck this far, as his fans voted to keep him in the competition,at the end of the first episode.

📷 Instagram/Lamar

By the second episode, fans thought that Lamar would be going home for sure, as he only managed to scored 12. He was saved by the default elimination of NFL player Ray Lewis, who left the competition due to injury.

Lamar found himself week after week, fogetting his dance routine. Let’s just say he does not have too much rythm for ‘a brother’. However, he shared that he suffered tremendous short term memory loss after he almost lost his life in 2015, that currently affects his ability to retain his dance moves.

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Tonight the fans were expecting a lot more from Lamar Odom. Many of the other dancers lifted their game. And so did Lamar as he received 20 out of 40, from the judges. Guest Judge, actress Leah Remini actually gave him a 7, with the other judges improving their scores from last week.

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After the votes were calculated Lamar and his dance partner Peta ended up in the bottom two , along with Karamo Brown and Jenna. In the end the judges decided on the dances they believed were the strongest, and the chose Karamo and Jenna. Lamar Odom said goodbye to the dancefloor tonight, but not before giving it his best shot.

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