Trump Betrays Kurds And Turkey Launches Their Attack

As many foreign affairs and military experts predicted, Turkey has launched its attack on Syria!

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By Basia Powell

As predicted, Turkisk air strike is on the way in Syria. The Turkish leader says that this “to bring peace to the area”. This comes days after President Trump orders Reno removal of US troops in the northern region of Syria.Several civilians have been hurt and others are running for their lives.

Despite being publicly advised against the move, by both Democratic and Republican military experts, the President ignored the experts in his “unmatched wisdom”, and removed US troops from Syria. He later tweeted that US troops “should not have been in the Middle East in the first place.”

The question is;what would be the next move for President Trump? He did say he

“if Turkey, does anything he considers off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey.”

The blood shed that many predicted has begun. The sad truth is , the US has been a facilitator of this senseless attack. Kurdish allies are in danger without any support from its former US allies. The Kurds has stood with the United States of America against ISIS. What is interesting, is allegedly, a lot of Turkey’s ammunition were manufactured in the US and the President gave the green light to facilitate the betrayal of key US allies.

This is a distraction that the President needed to shift the dialogue from impeachment to war. Somehow I believe that this is not a distraction to House Democrats who are very focused on the current impeachment inquiry.

Trump’s latest tweet on the situation has nothing to do with the disastrous situation he and his administration created,

Would his current political allies like Lyndsey Graham break ties with the President after yet another political blunder? This is what Graham tweeted a short time ago,

📷 Twitter Screenshot

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