Does Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren Have A Chance At The 2020 US Elections?
With most of the democratic front runners for the 2020 U.S election already announced, it is time to take a look at each individually. First up is Massachusetts’ State Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Following her re-election to the U.S Senate in 2018, Elizabeth Warren let the world know that she is in the race for the 2020 U.S presidential election. She made the announcement on February 9, 2019, at the site of the Bread & Roses Strike (1912).
Her campaign message to the people included making corporations more accountable to workers, and expanding health care, especially for children, and support for the middle class and low-income Americans. It sure does look good on paper 📝… but could any of them be flawed?

Well, several news outlets believe that Senator Warren’s proposal of an “affordable high quality healthcare” for kids may be extremely flawed. She promises that parents would not have to spend more than 7% of their earnings, all while raising providers training and pay. The problem, however, sources say is accessibility.
If her universal child care promises are kept, there is no guarantee that there will be enough places to accommodate all the children who need it. According to the New Republic, Warren’s Plan will leave, possibly, 13 million kids unaccounted for in other ten years.
Gladly, Senator Warren is only one of the many candidates in this race. But if she is the one for you, what are your thoughts on this?

Take a look at what one of her supporters, (who happens to be a college student), had to say: