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Cardi B Shares First Picture of Baby Kulture

Cardi B Shares First Picture of Baby Kulture Things are definitely changing in the life of 26 year-old rapper, Cardi B. From the shocking breakup between her and her husband, Offset, and now a public picture of her daughter, Kulture! 😍 πŸ“Έ Instagram/CardiB The β€œI Like It” singer took to her Instagram account, less than

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Cardi B Leaving Offset Because Of β€˜A Threesome’ πŸ€―

Cardi B Leaving Offset Because Of β€˜A Threesome’ 🀯 Seems like the break up between rappers, Cardi B and Offset, wasn’t as pleasant as Cardi made it look in her announcement earlier this morning , with new evidence surfacing of Offset cheating.😱 Yes, we got the receipts Text messages between the Migos member and another

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Cardi B & Offset Are Splitsville πŸ’”

Cardi B & Offset Are Splitsville πŸ’” 26 year-old rapper, Cardi B, and her husband, Offset, from the rap trio Migos, are officially over, as Cardi reveals the reason behind their split in an Instagram post. πŸ“Έ @Cardi B Instagram According to the rapper, β€œSo everybody been bugging me and everything and you know, I’ve

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