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Cardi B Goes Off On A Follower…

By Kwin Paul It seems as though some people have not yet learned that Cardi B is not to be messed with, nor is she the one to “come for”. The Grammy Award winning rapper, took to Twitter to give a few choice words to “fans” or “followers” who are claiming that she doesn’t write

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Cardi B Goes Naked On Instagram…Again

By Ricole L.Powell It’s been quite some time since we last saw Grammy winning rapper, Cardi B, showing off her toned body. Well say no more, as she recently posted another naked image on Instagram. 📸 Cardi B Instagram The 26 year-old recently posted a picture to her Instagram account, promoting her upcoming single called

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Cardi B Comes Clean About Surgery

by Ricole L.Powell In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, female rap star, Cardi B, opened up about her surgeries and how dangerous they can been on your body and health. 📸 Cardi B Instagram If you follow Cardi B on social media, as many do, you would know that she takes a lot of pride

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