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Democratic Presidential Debate

By Basia Powell Last night’s Democratic debate was not much of a game changer. It is fair to say that Vice President Joe Biden is still the front runner, despite attempts by Julian Castro to derail his lead by playing the ‘age and memory card’. Castro challenged Biden, by suggesting that he forgot what he

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The Democratic Debates Have Begun…

By Kwin Paul The race for the Democratic nomineed shifted gears on Wednesday night as 10 of the 24 candidates took to the stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the performing arts in downtown Miami. 📸 NBC News Instagram The inaugural Democratic showdown left us with quite a bit to talk about as they

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Trumps Wants To Run Against “Mentally Weak” Joe Biden

By Kwin Paul While 24 candidates are hoping to become the democratic nominee for the US 2020 elections, President Donald Trump has already picked his front runner. POTUS is eager to run against Vice President, Joe Biden; democratic frontrunner and former Vice President. 📸 President Donald Trump Instagram As he left the White House on

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