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Democratic Candiate Seth Moulton Drops Out of Presidential Race

By Kwin Paul The third round of Democratic debates is around the corner and as we anticipated, the pool of democratic candidates is decreasing as time nears. Seth Moulton will announce, that he has reached the end of his presidential hopeful road. 📸 Seth Moulton Instagram In an advance copy of his planned remarks to

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Elizabeth Warren Surges In New Iowa Polls

By Basia Powell Elizabeth Warren is now famously known as the candidate who, “has a plan for that.” And it seems like her plan and precise explanation of the implementation, are paying off. Warren is soaring in the latest Iowa poll. This proves she is likeable, believable, and she means business.  📷 Elizabeth Warren Instagram

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Trumps Wants To Run Against “Mentally Weak” Joe Biden

By Kwin Paul While 24 candidates are hoping to become the democratic nominee for the US 2020 elections, President Donald Trump has already picked his front runner. POTUS is eager to run against Vice President, Joe Biden; democratic frontrunner and former Vice President. 📸 President Donald Trump Instagram As he left the White House on

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