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Cardi B Escalates Beef With Nicki Minaj 🤯

Cardi B Escalates Beef With Nicki Minaj 🤯 It seems like rapper, Cardi B, has had enough of her rival’s, Nicki Minaj’s, “lies”, as the rapper goes on an expletive loaded rant, on her Instagram story. According to “I Like It” rapper, she is tired of the back and forth beef, and that she would

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Nicki Minaj Flashes Fans 😵

Nicki Minaj Flashes Fans 😵 Female rapper and hitmaker, Nicki Minaj, recently shocked a crowd full of fans, who were present at the 2018 Made In America Festival. The hip-hop star was performing one of her songs off her new album, “Queen”, when her closely-fitted and extremely short velvet dress, revealed her nipples mid-performance. Nicki

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Nicki Minaj Keeps Going

Nicki Minaj Keeps Going Female rap star, Nicki Minaj, has been spotted by TMZ, in New York City, amidst Twitter beef with her ex-boyfriend and rapper, Safaree. The rapper “slayed” in a Burberry outfit, with her signature “Chun-Li” necklace on her way to a interview with Tidal. If you recall on Tuesday, Safaree had openly

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