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Rob Kardashian Says NO To Blac Chyna

By Kwin Paul Rob Kardashian is usually quite a laid back guy and has been out of the spotlight for some time. The reality star and only Kardashian brother has been accused of being a push over in the past but this time around, he is taking a stand. Rob is saying NO to Blac

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Blac Chyna Spills The Tea On Wendy!

By Kwin Paul In a pretty candid discussion earlier on Wednesday, Blac Chyna spilled the tea on her past relationships and personal life to host Wendy Williams. Chyna agreed that there were “no off limit questions” and you know as well as we do, Wendy knows the juiciest questions to elicit the right answers. There

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Blac Chyna Says Dream Deserves Luxury TooπŸ™„

Blac Chyna Says Dream Deserves Luxury Too! 😀 During what seems to be a never ending battle between former stripper and Instagram model, Blac Chyna, and former reality star, Rob Kardashian, more fuel has been added to the fire. On Monday afternoon Chyna took to her Instagram story to rant about her daughter Dream, who

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