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Wendy Williams Reveals Some Hot New Dates!

It looks like talkshow host, Wendy Williams, is single and ready to mingle, as she revealed on her show on Wednesday that she has not one, but two hot dates this weekend. In the broadcast segment of her “Hot Topics” Wendy shared how everything went down. She told the audience that, β€œI was minding my

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Kevin Hunter Addresses Cheating Scandal

Now that talk show host, Wendy Williams, has told her side of the story and made her peace with the situation, fans are now turning to her soon- to-be ex-husband, Kevin Hunter for his side of the story. πŸ“Έ Enews In an interview with E!, Hunter came clean, and told everyone including his wife and

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Wendy Williams Spills “Her Tea”

Fans have been waiting for forever for talkshow host, Wendy Williams to address the separation between her and her cheating husband, Kevin Hunter. Well, they finally got it!…..well sort of. On Monday’s episode of ” The Wendy Show”, the host discussed her plans for her future during her popular “hot topics” segment. She told the

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