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George Clooney Is Back😍

A list actor, George Clooney has gone back to work. Clooney is better than ever. Since being thrown 20 ft in the air and closely thwarting death by a scooter accident.

According to TMZ, the actor was spotted back on the set of his upcoming mini-series, “Catch -22”, where images show him lifting props, as if nothing ever happened, but not without a few scratches from the accident . George had gotten into a scooter- car accident, approximately 10 days ago in Sardinia, Italy, before jetting home to Oxfordshire, England to recuperate.

Clooney also seems to be back on top of his game, as 57 year-old has recently beat, actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as highest-paid actor on, “Celebrity 100”, Forbes’ rich list, coming in at #2 with $700 million. Wow🙄

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Hot Felon On Vacay😎✈️

Hot Felon On Vacay

By Ricole L Powell

“Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks and his billionaire girlfriend, Chloe Green, are back at it again. The two were spotted during their family vacation, showing major PDA, in a long romantic kiss, while on a yacht in Capri, Italy. The couple welcomed their first child together, Jayden Meeks-Green, only weeks ago, but the Top Shop heiress seem to have recovered in no time at all, as she shows off her flawless post-baby body.

Both Jeremy and Chloe were hanging out with some of their celebrity friends, earlier this summer. They seem to love Capri.💕💕

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Whoopi Explodes On The View❗️

Actress and daytime talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg along with,Fox News star and former prosecutor, Judge Jeanine Pirro, “explodes” in an argument on Daytime Talk Show “The View”. The 67 year-old former prosecutor was initially invited on the show, as a guest co-host to temporarily replace host,Joy Behar. But, things soon got heated when a debate between the Judge and Whoopi, lead to shouting and a quick cut to commercial .

Photo Credit Daily Mail

According to DailyMail, things started to go south when, Jeanine pointed at Goldberg, stating that she had “Trump derangement”. That seem to have “triggered” an immediate reaction from Whoopi. The argument then ended, with Whoopi saying , “ I’m done” before cutting to commercial.

Sources told DailyMail, that after the segment ended, the argument got even more explosive, with the actress allegedly, telling the Judge to, “ Get the f*** out of the building!”. Since then, Judge Pirro has told, TMZ that, though she was treated badly at The View, she regrets nothing.

Tune in for next episode of The View. Who knows what might happen next 😅😅.

Here is a clip of what happened:

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Chris Brown Fan Fear❗️

Chris Brown Fan Fear

By Ricole L Powell

It is always a dream to go on stage with your favorite artist, but one is never prepared for the anxiety nor pressure that comes with it. Last night, singer-songwriter, Chris Brown performed a show in Camden, New Jersey, where he invited a child fan ,onstage with him, as many artist do, to partake in his live performance.

According to TMZ, while Chris was performing one of his hit songs, “Loyal”, the child suddenly fainted. A video was posted to his Instagram showing Brown, catching the boy and passing him off the stay to safety. On the post below the video, the 29 year-old singer, stated that he was scared, but he still loves his fans.

It is unclear at the moment as to what caused the boy to lose consciousness but, we assume that it could have been very overwhelming for the young fan, in the midst of all the lights and loud music.

Oh well… nice of Chris to give a fan a break🙄. Take a look at this video.


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King James Partying In LA❗️

After the ESPYS last night, the only question on everyone’s mind was….”Where is LeBron James?”. Well, while several athletes collected their awards, NBA basketball champion, LeBron James, was out on the town with his known rival, Golden State Warriors’, Kevin Durant, and a hooded man that looked like Durant’s teamate, Draymond Green.

According to TMZ, the three NBA players were spotted leaving the bar, The Highlight Room, rooftop, where several of their fans greeted them.

Neither of the basketball stars had attended the ESPYS, but no one thought that James nor Durant would be hanging out together. I guess they are rivals, no more🤔🤔😱.

However, Congrats on your ESPY, King James🎉🎉.