Ariana Grande Addresses Trolls

Ariana Grande addresses relationship with Mac Miller

After their split, American rapper Mac Miller, has been spiraling out of control. Whether it be heartbreak or negligence, his breakup with singer Ariana Grande, has lead to controversy.

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Some believe that all ten songs of his 2016 album, called ” The Divine Feminine” were, due to his heartbreak, but Ms.Grande set the record straight, tweeting that women should no longer be blamed for the “inability of a man to keep his sh** together”. She also wrote, that though she helped him through his sobriety, it became quite scary and she refuses to stay in an unhealthy relationship with Mac, but hopes he “figures” it out one day.

See twitter response to troll, posted by Grande:

Ariana’s Tweet

Congrats To Ray J and Princess Love

Congrats to Ray J and Princess Love

Since their public announcement in November of 2017, we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ray J and Princess Love’s baby girl.The two have been married since 2016, and revealed that they have been trying to conceive for sometime.

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They have teased us with tweets, instagram posts and even made a music video dedicated to their daughter. We couldn’t be happier for the couple, and we wish them all the happiness in the world with their newborn baby girl.

Jada Pinkett-Smith Opens Up

Jada Pinkett-Smith Opens Up

Jada recently opened up about her traumatic hair loss experience. Fans have been supiscious of her consistently rocking her turban headwear for sometime. She stated, that it was while taking a shower, she realized that clumps of her hair began falling out. This intense and scary experience, she admitted, was due to her high stress levels. Nevertheless, Jada believes that, even though she misses her hair, her new turban look makes her feel like the queen that she is.

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Meghan Markle marries her Prince

Meghan Markle Marries Her Prince

By Basia Alicia Powell

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, since the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding was made on November 27, 2017. It was the most anticipated wedding of the century, and of course, I had to be there to witness this significant moment in history.

The venue, St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, was filled with reporters and spectators, all gathered to see the first African- Amercian woman become a member of  the British royal family. The streets of surrounding Windsor Castle was littered with thousands of people from the UK and around the world, waiting to catch a glimpse of Her Royal Highness, Meghan Markle and her prince. I was there to witness it all.

The frenzy, the paparazzi and the anxious crowds that patiently awaited the arrival of the American Princess , Meghan Markle. For me, the Royal Wedding was all I expected it to be, and so much more. Her dress was absolutely amazing, fit for a princess. It was the hottest ticket in town.

In attendance, were celebrities like The Beckham’s, Serena Williams, and her husband, Oprah, Sir Elton John, Edtis Elba and his fiancé and lots more. Just over 2000 members of the public were invited into the gates of Windsor Castle to be a part of the event. The bride and groom requested that their presents be given in the form of donations to their favorite charities.

The Beckhams

Oprah Winfrey

Edris Elba and his fiancé

Serena Williams and husband Alexis was there to witness it all!

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